Hair will grow back.

That’s a constant statement i have to tell my mother everytime she stops what she’s doing to stare at me. For my mother being bi-racial she never really had to cut all of her hair off she could just put it in a ponytail and go. But for us (her children) it hasn’t been as simple. See to be 25% Korean and 75% African American you get some traits stronger then others. My little sister and I naturally had soft curly hair it was hard to maintain since my mother never dealt with hair with two different textures before. So from a very young age we started to get perms (chemical relaxers) in our heads. When I was about 5 years old I had hair so long that I would get bullied from K-6th grade. When i was in 7th grade letting your mom do your hair was “Un-cool” I started to attempt to do it myself. But i guess my mom wouldn’t let go and having my hands, her hands, and trails of many beauticians made my hair weak. By 9th grade i started to try different styles. By 10th I went through the bob phase. And by 11th i went Rhianna short. During my senior year of highschool my hair was so short that my mom felt as if she was didn’t want to claim me in public. By this time i started trying different hair colors and weaves. I always hated weaves but i tried anyway. After being force to have a long weave for prom AND graduation i made the decision to go natural. So May 28, 2011 I cut it all off. And this has been the best decision i have ever made. So mom don’t worry about it , it’s hair and HAIR WILL GROW BACK.

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